Independent School District

Business Forms
Activity Fund Check Clearance Form
Activity Fund Tabulation Form
Activity Fund Transfer Form
Fund Raising Application Form and Financial Recap Form

Business Services Main
Budget Appropriation & Amendment Form
Budget Transfer Request Form
Bulk Mail Distribution Form
Check Clearance Form
Extra Duty Personnel Action (PAF) Form
Gas Card Agreement Form
IRS W9 Form
Lock Bag Transfer Form
Mileage Reimbursement Request Form
Request to Close or Revise an Approved Purchase Order Form
Ticket Sale Summary Form
Compensation & Bens Calculator (xlsx Download)

Fixed Assets
Equipment Check Out & Agreement Form
Fixed Asset Project Summary Form
Asset Transfer Form
Radio Repair Request & Transfer Form
Room / Personal Fixed Asset Inventory Form
Scrap Metal Delivery Form

Athletic Pay Voucher (Exempt Employees)
Athletic Pay Voucher (Non-Exempt Employees)
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Extra Duty Personnel Action (PAF) Form
IRS W-4 Form
Salary Reduction Agreement
Time Off Request Form
Time Sheets Official Version (xlsx Download)
Training/Workshop Sign-In Payroll Form

Contract Modification Form
EDGAR Certifications-Addendum Agreement for Purchase
Professional/Consultant Services Contract and Routing Form
Purchase Requisition/Check Request Form
Purchasing Department Only Non-Competitive Justification
Requestor Non-Competitive Justification
Vendor Performance Form
Vendor Request Form
Vendor Sole Source Declaration Form

Local Schedule GR (Local Governments)
Local Schedule SD (Public School Districts)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Student Education Record Request Form
Submission/Transfer to Records Warehouse Form

Field Trip Justification Form
Professional Development Trip Requisition Form
Student Development/Tutoring Bus Requisition Form
Student Travel Clearance Form
Student Development Trip Form Package
Professional Travel Clearance Form

Textbook Delivery/ Pick-up Form
Textbook Form

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