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Mission Statement and Annual Goals

The mission of the Clint Independent School District is to prepare all students to be successful citizens. The District will work in partnership with the community and the family to create opportunities for the student to maximize personal potential.

La misión del Distrito Escolar Independente de Clint es de preparar a todos los estudiantes para que sean ciudadanos exitosos. El Distrito trabajará en conjunto con la comunidad y con la familia para crear oportunidades para que el estudiante desarolle su potencial personal.

Annual Goals
  1. The District will be a model of high standards for student academic excellence.
  2. The District will ensure a safe well-disciplined positive learning environment for all students.
  3. The District will operate efficiently being fiscally responsible.
  4. The District will become the employer of choice in order to seek and retain effective personnel.
  5. The District will include parents, community, and business members in the education of all students.